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Stand to and listen up! This heroic little enterprise was smelted in the fires of plague and pestilence in a dank gaming bunker, the fevered brainchild of my fellow war gamers and I, nauseating swots one and all. After countless hours of haranguing over zeltbahns, bearskins, gaiters and more, it is with irritation and begrudging pride that I finally present to you…Fizzer Johnson’s Men of Metal.

Our objective with this endeavour is to combine innovation and creativity whilst covering all the basics we wargamers need on our tabletop. Despite my best efforts to restrain their exuberance and quash their tendency towards insubordination, we have indeed put together a heady mix of smartly turned-out soldiers fit for my parade ground, alongside some atrociously scruffy ‘erberts who seem to think that months on campaign is an excuse for holes in uniforms, unbuttoned tunics and the carrying of non-standard equipment… strictly against the King’s Regulations!

As we complete the roll-out of each range of Fizzer Johnson’s Men of Metal we’ll cover your full complement of tabletop requirements, now personally I love the look of an all-Fizzer battlefield, but I’m assured that our superb little men sit happily alongside the very best of the rest on offer from other emporiums, so your beloved life-long collections of metal veterans will blend seamlessly with our new figures…but don’t be surprised if your shiny new Fizzer men chase the other rabble off your tabletop.

Fizzer’s initial deployment of Men of Metal serve the Napoleonic generals among us with a comprehensive range of 18mm British and French infantrymen, with more nations, cavalry, artillery and generals to follow swiftly.

Plans are always afoot at Fizzer, and we’ll soon be in a position to offer you miserable enthusiasts several never-before-seen-anywhere figures and models, so it’s definitely worth coming back for a gander regularly even if you’re fully provisioned.      

Fizzer J.

PS If you’re an armchair expert in something fascinating, be it history, tabletop rule sets, wargaming terrains, miniature painting, 18mm historic figures, Napoleonic battle history or Napoleonic uniforms, then get in touch about doing a guest blog for Fizzer, or send us some pretty pictures of your painted up 18mm Fizzer figures in action on your tabletop and we’ll feature our favourites in Fizzer’s Rogue’s Gallery. And definitely Follow Fizzer on Facebook for offers, sneak-peeks, product development, and informed/nonsensical discussion…but be warned, insubordination will not be brooked and I don’t half like to digress!

Fizzer's 18mm French

Fizzer's 18mm Napoleonic Rocket

Fizzer's 18mm British Infantry

Fizzer's 18mm Old Guard Grenadiers

Fizzer's 18mm Napoleonic Infantry

Fizzer's 18mm 95th Rifles

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