Postage & Packaging (P&P) Information

Delivery Times

Orders can take up to 7 days to be processed – though we aim to be quicker whenever possible.

Postage is calculated based upon which region you are in and will be added after checkout and before the payment gateway. Please make sure that you have the correct country on your address.

There is a minimum postage charge for each region, please note this is a minimum charge, not an additional charge.

Postage is worked out as a percentage of your order. For most orders this is remarkably accurate, although the endless permeations of potential orders for heavy compact metal figures and lightweight and relatively volume greedy plastic kits or a mixture of both, means that creating a perfect percentage is an inexact science.  Therefore the postage charged by the website might be more than the value of the stamp.  Please remember that P&P does include an element to cover the packaging – boxes and the packing in them are surprisingly expensive!

UK Postage and Packing Charges:
Minimum P&P charge £3.00
P&P 10% of order value


EU Postage and Packing excluding Italy:
Minimum P&P charge £5.75
P&P 16% of order value 


Italy Postage and Packing:
Minimum P&P charge £10
P&P 16% of order value


The higher minimum cost to Italy is to reflect that we have to send the parcels via courier, as we lose so many otherwise – We are very sorry to our Italian customers.


USA Postage and Packing Charges:
Minimum P&P charge £9.00
P&P 25% of order value


The high cost to the USA reflects the fact that USPS have increase the last mile delivery costs by between 50% and in excess of 100% (July 2020). this has resulted in the UK Royal Mail creating a new unique shipping band for USA to reflect these increased costs – we apologise to our American customers but we are simply passing on the increased costs from USPS and Royal Mail.


Rest of the World Postage and Packing Charges:
Minimum P&P charge £8.25
P&P @ 22% of order value


Customs, Duty and Handling Charges:

All customers outside the UK are responsible for paying any and all customs, duty and handling charges on their orders. Customers who are liable for such charges and decide not to pay them, resulting in the return of their order, become liable for the original delivery cost of their order.

All customers are bound to pay the full cost of returning unwanted items.


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