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2. A Fizzer Figure Painting Guide

Painting Guide

Guest blog by Sean Bratt

I paint my miniatures in my office, an ideal space with lots of room for all the ‘stuff’ to accumulate, and with plenty of natural light. Nowadays the computer is more for painting reference than gaming. The part of my workspace that’s invaluable is the overhead light and the magnifier and I’m lucky enough to have ample space for all the paints I need, my wet palette, tools, brushes and other necessaries…and then there’s the impulse buys like the paint shaker, a purchase I’ve never regretted 

For each project I lay out the paints I will need in the order I will need them, (here the paints were out ready for the Fizzer French). All the paints for this project were Vallejo Game Colours.

Figures are primed using an airbrush and Vallejo black primer.

First I paint the tunics, overalls and greatcoats using Dark Prussian Blue.

The knapsacks are painted in a base of Burnt Umber.

The tunics, straps, musket sling, bearskin cords and gaiters are painted using Sky Grey.

The water gourds are painted using Vallejo New Wood.

The wood on the muskets is painted in Red Leather. Both the musket and gourd are then washed in a diluted Vallejo Wood Grain.

All the red is painted using Vallejo Red which is much darker than you would imagine. Green trimmings are added to the plume and epaulettes.

A Flat Earth wash is brushed over the knapsacks.

The final act of stage one is the Nuln Oil Wash. I then leave them overnight to dry.

On to the detail and highlight stages. First I paint the skin ready for a wash of Agrax Earthshade, then the metal work on the muskets. 

While waiting for the flesh to dry I highlight the white belts, tunics etc using Off White.

The final highlights are added to the uniform, the trim and the plumes.


A coat of gloss varnish and I’m almost finished.

Sean's finished Chasseurs get an airbrush of matt varnish to give a flat final finish.
Get yourself some guards to play with here 

More Fizzer figures, all painted up by Sean (spot the rogue AB Colonel in the all-Fizzer field!)

If you have an area of Napoleonic armchair expertise, be it history, weapons, uniforms, traditions, anecdotes, rule sets or like Sean 18mm miniature painting, and you fancy borrowing our pre-made Fizzer platform to write a related blog, message us with your ideas, comment below, or simply send us some juicy snaps of your painted Fizzer figures for our Rogue’s gallery. Follow along on Facebook for stuff and nonsense and early news about product development.


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